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does it cost?
What does 1 week of study consist of?
Group lesson and project work
Share knowledge and realize your ideas
Homework and homework review
Get a refresher on your completed work
Access to our social network of young programmers - HUB
Share your achievements with like-minded people
Chat support with a teacher
Ask questions if you have any difficulties
Access to our educational platform
Track our course schedule, discover what you will learn next, and find additional exercises
4 weeks
280.73 SEK
Price for 1 week:
8 weeks
266.69 SEK
Price for 1 week:
Savings 112.29 SEK
2,245.80 SEK
16 weeks
252.65 SEK
Price for 1 week:
Savings 449.16 SEK
4,491.60 SEK
Our most popular option
64 weeks
182.47 SEK
42 240 ₽
Savings 6,288.24 SEK
17,966.40 SEK
32 weeks
210.54 SEK
Price for 1 week:
Savings 2,245.80 SEK
8,983.20 SEK
Price for 1 week:
Our prices
if things change and you can’t attend for any reason
if you are not satisfied *
if you skip 2 or more lessons for a good reason
* a refund is possible only for uncompleted modules (1 module = 4 weeks of study)
Pause your course for up to 3 months
We will refund you

Receive a one-on-one session with a teacher
invite a friend, and each of you will receive a 50% discount on a module
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